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The Living Lakes is a multidisciplinary performance piece combining music, dance, theatre, and projection to explore and deconstruct the histories of Black, Latinx, and Native migrants in the Great Lakes region. The project is funded by The Global Midwest, an initiative from Humanities Without Walls. In its Ann Arbor residency, the iteration is divided into six distinct movements, all of which examine and explore the migratory experiences of these people. The play is currently under development in Chicago. I directed the movement Walking Boots.

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Artistic Directors/Choreographers: Anita Gonzalez and Joel Valentin-Martinez

Walking Boots Director & Associate Director: Gregory Keng Strasser

Assistant Director: Mia Massimoto

Projection Design: Will Simpson

Music Director: Jonathan Girling

Lighting Design: Jeffrey Alder

Photograph: Carlos Funn


(In alphabetical order)

Marty Gray, Lauryn Hobbs, Simon Longknight, Callie Munn, Allie Reynolds, Isabel Stein



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