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Her feet are bound, her freedom is non-existent, the first Chinese woman to step foot in America was treated as a sideshow act in the darkest parts of the 1800s. The Chinese Lady is, however, anything but dark, told with winking humor and forthrightness, it follows the story of 14-year-old Afong Moy, who was immediately put on display for a paying public once she arrived in New York. A beguiling look into this wild journey and the human urge to belong.

Produced by American Stage Company in St. Petersburg, FL


Written by Lloyd Suh

Directed by Gregory Keng Strasser

Scenic Design by Ant Ma

Props Design and Construction by Dean Wick

Lighting Design by Xiangfu Xiao

Costume Design by Jeannette Christensen

Video and Projections Design by Giada Sun

Original Music and Sound Design by Matt Nielson

Intimacy Direction by Ashley White

Stage Manager: Chloe Dipaola

Assistant Stage Manager: Ariana Perera

Technical Director: Timon Brown

Assistant Director: Marygrace McManus

Produced by American Stage

Photography by Chaz D. Photography


(in order alphabetically)

Che'Li, Jacob Yeh

Undertudies: Topher Larkin, Mona Lim


The Gabber - "A timely, moving, and also at times unexpectedly comic production. It will make you think, laugh, cry — and, with any luck, see."

The Bradenton Times - "A substantive work that manages to entertain, educate, and incite simultaneously, and American Stage has done the play significant justice in this stellar production."

Broadway World - "The gripping, searing performances at the heart of this are unforgettable..." "I stress anyone that is reading this sentence... to see THE CHINESE LADY." "Best of all is Gregory Keng Strasser’s direction, which keeps the 90+ minutes zooming by without feeling rushed.  And he gets stellar performances from his dynamic duo onstage."

The Challenger - "Don’t miss ‘The Chinese Lady’ at American Stage...a stirring piece... With enough humor to lessen, but not obscure, its bite."


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