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Grand Concourse was staged as a part of Basement Arts' 2016 Winter Mainstage Season


Shelly’s a nun who runs a gleaming soup kitchen in the Bronx on Grand Concourse Avenue, but lately her heart’s not into it. She’s questioning her faith and purpose, and everything gets a little exacerbated when Emma, a nineteen year old college dropout begins volunteering to find a little direction in life. As Emma seeks a place at the kitchen, she finds herself befriending Oscar – the maintenance guy, and Frog – a homeless intellectual, but things get a little chaotic as this community confronts friendship, wellness, and what it means to forgive.  Grand Concourse is about the coming together of people, and most importantly the relationships we sustain. 



Directed by Gregory Keng Strasser
Set and Properties Design by Kat Johnson
Lighting Design by Joseph Howard 
Sound Design by Gregory Keng Strasser and Miranda Chambers
Stage Managed by Sherry Green
Photography by Gwen McKee




(In Order of Appearance)
Noa Gelb, Jo Ellen Pellman,
Liam Allen, Oren Steiner


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