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  • BLACK ROCK by Gregory Keng Strasser
    Sat, Aug 19
    Temperance Alley Garden
    In West Blocton, Alabama, Phil Braxton has been waiting over 500 days for the strike against the Warrior Met Coal Mining facility to close. Phil is determined that his son, Bobby, will return from college and join their fight in the preservation for their way of life, but Bobby has radical new ideas
  • THE CHINESE LADY by Lloyd Suh @ American Stage
    Wed, Jan 31
    St. Petersburg
    Her feet are bound, her freedom is non-existent, the first Chinese woman to step foot in America was treated as a sideshow act in the darkest parts of the 1800s...


District Fray - "A New Method of Delivery: Pivoting with “Dark City”"

Washington City Paper - "For One Theater, Live Shows Weren’t an Option. Video Games Were." - "How 4615 Theatre took programming virtual using games, phone calls and Zoom concerts"


DC Metro Theatre Arts - "Ditch the 'Is this Theatre?' Debate"

The Washington Post - "To understand what’s going on in the streets of D.C., theaters are having stage artists make movies"

DC Theatre Scene - "To my mind, though, the most effective segment is... – Gregory Keng Strasser’s 'go'"


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