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Istanbul was staged as a part of Basement Arts' 2015 Main Stage Season. 


Istanbul is the story of Christian, who is prepared to wed Leila, the girl of his dreams, but there’s only one problem…she’s a Muslim and his parents are vehemently Catholic.  Making the decision to convert for his future wife, Christian and Leila plan to tell his parents over dinner at a fancy restaurant, but chaos ensues when Beth, his no-nonsense mother, gets a bottle of wine and anxiety pills in her hand to help cope with the news.  Bitter, biting, and riotously funny, Istanbul is a story about a family coming together…for the end.















In order of appearance:

Anna Markowitz, Daniel Markowitz, Rennia Rodney, Meredith Starkman, Eddie Williams, Savanna Crosby, and Zachary O'Toole



Directed by Gregory Keng Strasser; Set and Properties Design by Sarah Norton and Gregory Keng Strasser; Lighting Design by Ben Richard; Stage Managed by Cameron Marsh; Photography by Levin Kim




See gallery below.

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