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Gregory presenting at the Power Plays Summit held at Arena Stage in December 2019.

Since 2018 Gregory has served as the Producing Director of 4615 Theatre Company, where he drives the season programming process, stewards the development of new work, and manages internal company affairs.

As an arts leader, he has worked in fundraising, marketing, research, and administration at institutions including Steppenwolf Theatre Company, About Face Theatre, The Kennedy Center, and Arena Stage where he served as the 70th Season's Allen Lee Hughes Directing Fellow.



4615GO is the season of programming produced and presented by 4615 Theatre Company that aims to introduce a new method of delivery for theatre. 

The season revolves around the principal belief that theatre is everywhere, and that the spirit of theatre can be discovered anywhere: phone calls, video games, table top games, and musical concerts. 

Key Collaborators: 4615 Theatre, Jordan Friend, Paige Washington



When the pandemic hit, smaller BIPOC-led theatres had the most at stake to lose. Along with Paige Washington, the Director of Patron Services at 4615 Theatre, Strasser organized the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Emerging Theatre Leaders Forum. 40 organizations led by BIPOC artists, with operating budgets of less than 100K and less than 10 years of operation, registered to participate in a robust forum to activate the common braintrust in order to generate actionable pathways of sustaining and innovating the theatre during 2020 Pandemic. These action items are currently being used by more than 20 organizations currently and impacted 4615 Theatre's programming in new and exciting ways. 

The forum centered around developing consensus around four major questions small theatres were facing. Participants were split into five groups to tackle these questions and tasked with generating actionable responses. At the end of the forum, participants reconvened to share back their findings and these deliverables were shared amongst recipients. The forum resulted in new programming activity for 4615 Theatre and new partnership opportunities between 4615 and others. Furthermore, it helped deepen the organization's relationship with a network of emerging theatres.