Favorite Plays/Theatre Events of 2016

In no particular order: A Man of No Importance - Department of Musical Theatre @ University of Michigan Between Riverside & Crazy - Steppenwolf Theatre Company Constellations - Department of Theatre & Drama @ University of Michigan Constellations - Steppenwolf Theatre Company Wonderful Town - Goodman Theatre Hand to God - Basement Arts @ University of Michigan The Drowsy Chaperone - Department of Musical Theatre @ University of Michigan Momentum - Department of Dance @ University of Michigan Honorable Mention to the stellar staged reading of The Fundamentals by Erika Sheffer over at Steppenwolf (which God willing I will get to see, along with The Christians)

In Reflection: The White Snake Part I

Initial Thoughts I picked The White Snake back in March, but little did I know what a massive endeavor I was undertaking. Over the summer of 2016, I had the pleasure of interning at Steppenwolf Theatre Company where I got my first taste with being connected to some of the country's finest theatre artists. It was, however, my roommate that encouraged me to send a blind email to Mary Zimmerman, whom responded almost immediately. We played a game of email tag for about several months before I was finally able to meet her in person, albeit only for a moment, at Goodman Theatre, where I saw her production of Wonderful Town. We did, however, get to speak on the phone for a while. She unloaded lots

Future Projects

Here are some projects I am embarking on, or are in development. Nothing is concrete - some of these titles are abstractions. The Little Mermaid I'll be the assistant director on this musical with Linda Goodrich as director/choreographer. The Little Prince A piece I'd love to adapt for children's theatre. The Children of Lir A myth I absolutely adore and know every well. I hope to use this myth as a foundation for my work in Ireland if I win a Fulbright Grant. The Infinite Tales (a play of Irish myths) A much larger project that The Children of Lir could be melded into. No word on this one yet. I have an early incompleted draft of this script, but it's very raw. The Unfinished Tales (a play

In Conversation: Diversity in the Theatre

This interview originally appeared in The White Snake program. Creative Director of MOSAIC, Aline Mayagoitia, sat down with The White Snake director, and resident director of MOSAIC, Greg Strasser, to have a brief conversation about the play. AM: So, for starters, could you give me a brief glimpse about this play and why you picked it? GS: I like describing The White Snake as a cross between Romeo and Juliet and Beauty and the Beast, except that it’s Romeo and Snakeulet, and Beauty is the Beast because she’s a snake. AM: What is the specific origin of this myth? GS: It’s a Chinese fable, specifically one that became popularized in the Ming dynasty. AM: If we go all the way down the rabbit ho

The White Snake Director's Note

“I’ll never be the artist I was as a child.” – Willa Cather When I was a kid, I loved playing Lord of the Rings on the bridge behind my elementary school, Harry Potter on the baseball diamond, and of course the infamous game of “House,” in my backyard. I think how scarring it must have been for my friend to play “House” with me. He was always the husband, and I was always the wife. We never questioned these roles, we just inhabited them. Then one day, things got strangely intimate (or as intimate as seven-year-olds can get, I suppose) and he immediately broke character and asked: “But aren’t we boys, Greg?” “Well oh yeah, but we’re just playing.” I said, surprised. This idea of “play,” i

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