bleecker street by eric grant

RSVP: "Something terrible has happened at a local gay nightclub. Shelley, a mother of one, gets a call from her son Steve to come to the club. A little after midnight, Shelley returns, covered in blood. For the next eighteen hours, she and her husband Scott agonize over one question: “Did their son survive the attack?” During this time, Steve’s best friend, Zach, arrives at their house to try and comfort them while searching for answers of his own, piecing together the events leading up to this fateful night. BLEECKER STREET is about grief, relationships, addiction, and the seeming failure of language to capture our feelings when we’re confronted with tragedy."

new plays + wrapping up

A scene from Istanbul by Stuart Richardson; my first new work. I am having a pretty crazy week! This Saturday, I sat through auditions and cast my next project: a workshop for Bleecker Street, a new and marvelous play by Eric Grant. Presentation is on November 5th. No tickets, it's absolutely free to come. Please RSVP by emailing me: Location: The Kennedy Center, Room TBD Time: 3 pm Matinee As a practice, new work development is so intimidating. I feel more at home with interpreting established texts, mostly because critical (read: popular) opinion states that it needs not to be revised. I feel somewhat obligated to play a role in shaping theme and ideas in new works, w

Digital Eye

Hello everyone! Digital Eye, my latest project, is conceived by Gillian Drake. It is a curated exhibit of installation performances at Blind Whino. Tix and information can be found here. I created projections for Forum Theatre's Artistic Director, Michael Dove - who is among numerous amazing directors that contributed some brilliant pieces to this collection. I also recently wrapped a week at the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings 2017, covering all things economic and foreign monetary policy! My head is spinning, so many new words/concepts thrown at me in a matter of days. So. Many. Coffee cakes. I'll be doing a staged-reading next at the Kennedy Center. More info in a moment! Greg

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