December Update

It's been one year since my thesis! Here's what's next: - I'm joining the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics and I will be assisting with their various production projects. Can't wait to work alongside Derek Goldman and others. There's a bunch of them, so I'll elaborate more later. - I'm going to be the line producer on "Waxing West" at 4615 Theatre this coming winter. Art by Sara Eskandari

White Snake Director's Note

(Originally published December 9, 2016) “I’ll never be the artist I was as a child.” – Willa Cather When I was a kid, I loved playing Lord of the Rings on the bridge behind my elementary school, Harry Potter on the baseball diamond, and of course the infamous game of “House,” in my backyard. I think how scarring it must have been for my friend to play “House” with me. He was always the husband, and I was always the wife. We never questioned these roles, we just inhabited them. Then one day, things got strangely intimate (or as intimate as seven-year-olds can get, I suppose) and he immediately broke character and asked: “But aren’t we boys, Greg?” “Well oh yeah, but we’re just playing.” I sai

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