"Performing the Anthropocene" Schedule

The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics is kicking off a week-long series of pop-up performances around Georgetown University called Performing the Anthropocene a series I curated and directed with Artistic Director, Derek Goldman. Performing the Anthropocene hopes to address the lack of literature (artistic and scientific) regarding climate change by staging these site-specific theatre pieces outdoors in the subject of our meditation: the world. It follows Derangements: Putting the Unthinkable on Stage a semi-adapted/curated series of short plays and performance pieces presented by the Lab two weeks prior. I also was lucky enough to direct that performance alongside Derek. Peep m


410[GONE] closes April 15th. I often describe to people that when I knew I didn't want to be an actor, it was like the moment Tripitaka stood at the edge of a river and watched his own corpse away, disappearing over the horizon. It is an image fragrant in terror, but strangely cathartic. To lose one's self is to lose earthly attachments. It is the process of attaining enlightenment. Closing this play, strangely, feels like that. I have to pause here and say that I need to thank some people: there are so many who were crucial in this project. The most obvious are the incredible production staff at Rorschach - my immeasurably talented design team (Roc, Deb, Katie, Rhe'a, Kylos, Casey, Linz, an

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