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DARK CITY is coming soon

DARK CITY is a four-episode visual novel video game by 4615 Theatre Company.

Download at

Before his big sister died, Juda had it all: an education, job prospects, and a gorgeous apartment in Aeolus City's hippest district. But in a matter of a year, everything was taken from him. Haunted by his sister's murder, and frustrated by the city's tepid response, he leaves altogether - trying to move on. But when an investigative journalist from an Indigenous tribe shows up on his door step, looking into his sister's role at her former employer, the Aeolus Investment Organization, new revelations emerge.

What did his sister know? And what is the AIO planning for the city's future?

From the shadowy underbelly of the city to the highest echelons of power, Juda uncovers a scandal so massive that nearly everyone may have had a part to play in.


Directed and written by Gregory Keng Strasser

Art and design by Sara Eskandari

Score and SFX by Jordan Friend

Dramaturgy and additional writing by Aria Velz

Voice acting by Yesenia Iglesias, Niusha Nawab, Raven Lorraine, and Andrew Quilpa


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