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new plays + wrapping up

A scene from 'Istanbul' by Stuart Richardson

A scene from Istanbul by Stuart Richardson; my first new work.

I am having a pretty crazy week!

This Saturday, I sat through auditions and cast my next project: a workshop for Bleecker Street, a new and marvelous play by Eric Grant. Presentation is on November 5th. No tickets, it's absolutely free to come. Please RSVP by emailing me:

Location: The Kennedy Center, Room TBD

Time: 3 pm Matinee

As a practice, new work development is so intimidating. I feel more at home with interpreting established texts, mostly because critical (read: popular) opinion states that it needs not to be revised. I feel somewhat obligated to play a role in shaping theme and ideas in new works, which is a terrible habit I must shake when working with a playwright! Fortunately, Eric is a good friend, and this play is pretty brilliant already. Much of the work is already done! We'll have an official synopsis soon, stay tuned.

Immediately after finishing Digital Eye and the Annual Meetings, I was cooking one evening and severely burned my hand. Second degree burns are the absolute worst, and I wish that pain on no one. The blister I had, which has since shrunk, was the size of a golf ball and glowed eerily orange. I am grateful it was just my hand, and that the recovery is quick! DC folks are very kind to me, one even gave me his card from a random conversation about my injury!

I was accompanied by the wonderful Robert Fitzgerald translation of The Odyssey during my recovery, and enjoyed the murder mystery world of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney from the comfort of my iPhone.

More to come,


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