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410[GONE] closes April 15th.

I often describe to people that when I knew I didn't want to be an actor, it was like the moment Tripitaka stood at the edge of a river and watched his own corpse away, disappearing over the horizon. It is an image fragrant in terror, but strangely cathartic.

To lose one's self is to lose earthly attachments. It is the process of attaining enlightenment.

Closing this play, strangely, feels like that.

I have to pause here and say that I need to thank some people: there are so many who were crucial in this project. The most obvious are the incredible production staff at Rorschach - my immeasurably talented design team (Roc, Deb, Katie, Rhe'a, Kylos, Casey, Linz, and Sophie) and to best fucking cast I could ask for. I am privileged to who have worked in a room with artists of color as the majority and have been given this remarkable play that came at a point in my life which could only be described as divine intervention. So for that I thank Frances, whose deconstruction of her trauma and my own helped me face my self-hate and healed me. Above all else, I extend my deepest thanks to Jenny and Randy. To trust a 23-year-old kid with such a mammoth text on a mainstage, jesus christ I am so lucky. I can't stop crying, I will really never forget this moment for the rest of my life. All I can think about is how I can pay it forward because there's no way I can express my gratitude towards them.

As we round out the final few performances, I am dizzy with delight and sleepy with new dreams. If memory is weight and theatre-making is action, it will be time, soon, for me to hop back on my feet and get back to work.

There's a couple of projects on the horizon left. This evening I presented Derangements as a part of my apprenticeship with Lab for Global Performance and Politics. I am also working with the lab's artistic director, Derek Goldman, on my next play, TRAYF, which will be at Theatre J this spring. There's one more thing this summer that I can't spill quite yet.

Meanwhile, I will be writing a short essay for the Lab about my time working on 410[GONE] for their archives. I'll be sure to post it here.

Until then, see you later alligator.


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