"Performing the Anthropocene" Schedule

The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics is kicking off a week-long series of pop-up performances around Georgetown University called Performing the Anthropocene a series I curated and directed with Artistic Director, Derek Goldman.

Performing the Anthropocene hopes to address the lack of literature (artistic and scientific) regarding climate change by staging these site-specific theatre pieces outdoors in the subject of our meditation: the world. It follows Derangements: Putting the Unthinkable on Stage a semi-adapted/curated series of short plays and performance pieces presented by the Lab two weeks prior. I also was lucky enough to direct that performance alongside Derek. Peep me looking critically at something (though it was probably not at the performances, because we had a great crew of actors!)

The performance schedule for these pop-ups are as follows:


2:30 PM - Red Square, Georgetown

MONDAY - 4/23

2:00 PM - Gaston Auditorium

3:30 PM - Healy Hall Lawn

TUESDAY - 4/24

2:00 PM - Location TBD


12:15 PM - Red Square Farmer's Market

3:30 PM - Red Square, Farmer's Market


3:30 PM - Red Square


12:15 PM - New North, Rm 311

4:15 PM - New North, Rm 311

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