My Life in Bangkok

Since October, I've been busy away building an international theatre network of practitioners, makers, and performers. I've attended numerous conferences, festivals, plays, and events, and am beginning work on a new adaptation of Thailand's sleeping beauty myth and a recent tragedy that nearly took the life of twelve young boys.

I live in sunny, smoggy Bangbon - about a half-hour commute (on a *really* good day) from the city center where I teach English and coach drama in the mornings and then hobble off to the city to partake in the city's growing and hungry theatre scene at night.

I can't express how lucky it feels to be making, witnessing, and collaborating on theatre abroad -- but I would be remiss to say that I haven't been blessed by the opportunity to work with other artists: drag queens, puppeteers, musicians, photographers, and videographers are all people I've encountered over my months here.

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